Last Sat Mar 3, I added three WebGL options for Firefox 3.7a2 to Configuration Mania. I uploaded the experimental version of Configuration Mania at the bitbucket's download page.This function is captured in current release of Configuration Mania.

By the way, Most of WebGL demo (e.g. Spore Creature View) on the web doesn't work on my Firefox 3.7a2. Configuration Mania's behavior is evil? WebGL behavior on Firefox 3.7a2 is unstable? I don't yet identify which cause WebGL errors.

How to enable WebGL with Configuration Mania

If you have a video-card with OpenGL 2.0,

  1. Click "Tools"->"Configuration Mania" menu, and then open "Configuration Mania" dialog
  2. Click "Browser" tab
  3. Click "Page control", and then expand its settings.
  4. Check "Enable WebGL".
  5. Click "OK" button. ("Close" button on Mac or Linux)
  6. Restart Firefox

If you don't have a video-card with OpenGL 2.0 (e.g. you have an old video-card), Just try software rendering with OSMesaLib. To get OSMESA32.dll and configure, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Download
  3. Extract it, then a single file OSMESA32.DLL is extracted.
  4. Check "Browser"->"Page controls"->"Enable WebGL"
  5. Check "Browser"->"Page controls"->"Use software rendering"
  6. Put path to OSMESA32.DLL in "Browser"->"Page controls"->"OSMesaLib path"