I made an experimental release for this issue. You can download experimental release confmania-experimental-mac_issue_9-1.13.2010062601.xpi at bitbucket's download page

New "Browser" panel

Solution for this issue

If browser.preferences.animateFadeIn is set true, "Browser" panel is fixed height.

prefwindow[animated="true"] #paneBrowserBoxContainer .subtabpanel {
    /* For animated or Mac, specify fixed height */
    max-height: 390px;
    min-height: 390px;

    /* *snip* */
  • Flexible panel height make the window too big or too small vertically.
  • Preference window calculate height of the content. This procedure fails for flexible-height content.
  • For Mac OS X, Preference window (incl. Configuration Mania window) is not resizable, Anonymous issue#9 reporter said.
    • For Windows and Linux, Configuration Mania window is resizable.
    • browser.preferences.animateFadeIn function well on Windows and Linux, but I think it is not count for much.
  • This is the reason of issue#9 - Window size too small.

Flexible height panel for non-Mac

If browser.preferences.animateFadeIn is set to false, "Browser" panel is flexible height.

  • The "Browser" panel fit the Configuration Mania window.
  • It is resizable.