Following 10 configs on Configuration Mania does not seem to be supported on Firefox 4. In addition, I found that 7 configs (with strongly emphasized (bold) texts) are no longer supported on current stable Firefox. I'll work this issue.

NameStateConfiguration Mania Setting
bidi.controlstextmodeNot found in Firefox4b8 source codeUI->Bidi->Controls in Firefox3.5Security->Anti-Virus->Try to clean a downloaded file when a virus is detected
browser.history_expire_daysSource code says it's old prefSecurity->Privacy->Browsing History
browser.history_expire_sitesNot found in Firefox4b8 source codeSecurity->Privacy->Browsing History
browser.sessionstore.enabledsuperseded w/ other settings on Firefox 3.5+Browser->session Store->Disable Session Store
browser.tabs.disableBackgroundCloseonly available on development buildBrowser->TabBrowsing->Display a close button...->on All tabs->Clicking on the close tab button of a tab in backgrund will switch to that tab, not close it
content.max.tokenizing.timeNot found in Firefox3.5+ source codeBrowser->Paint&Rendering->Maximum time to interrupt the process
content.switch.thresholdNot found in Firefox3.5+ source codeBrowser->Paint&Rendering->"High->Low frequency interrupt mode switch Threshold"
extensions.hideInstallButtonRemoved in Firefox4Add-ons->Show Install button on the add-on dialog
signon.expireMasterPasswordNot found in Firefox4b8 source codeSecurity->Privacy->Master Password Timeout
svg.enabledRemoved in Firefox4Browser->Page control->Enable rendering SVG content
webgl.software_renderrenamed to webgl.force_osmesaBrowser->Page control->Enable WebGL->Use software renderer