Firefox 3.7 alpha release (or Firefox 4.0) introduced support for re-sizable textareas. -moz-resize property controls whether or not the textarea is resizable.

<textarea style="-moz-resize: vertical; width: 100%;">
vertical resizing only textarea
-moz-resize sample (only for firefox 3.7a/4.0+)

In addition, -moz-resize seems to be applied to any element!

<div style="-moz-resize: both; overflow: auto; background-color: #ffeeee; color: black;">

A resizer is displayed at end of div element area!

-moz-resize sample (only for firefox 3.7a/4.0+)

It is required to set "overflow" CSS property. It is written in MDC -moz-resize page.

  • Applies to: elements whose overflow is other than visible

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