1. I upload 1.12.2010033101 xpi file
  2. It failed to uploading file and no xpi file was available on AMO, but I couldn't find it
  3. issue#5 is reported
  4. I re-update 1.12.2010033101 xpi file again
  5. 1.12.2010033101 does not pass review, and reviewer said that two identical installer file of same release was displayed on AMO.
  6. 1.12.2010033101 xpi file is removed by other reviewer
  7. I upload 1.12.2010040702 xpi file, which is repackaging of 1.12.2010033101.
  8. Configuration Mania 1.12.2010040702 is approved for public.<-- Today is here!

Visit issue#5 to see more detail.